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Welcome to PyFlow homepage!

Visual scripting framework for python


PyFlow is a general purpose visual scripting framework for python.


Base structure of program implemented, such things as packages discovery, input customization, exporters, base classes for entities and tools.

You can completely remove nodes and tools that ships by default and start your own library from scratch.

You can evaluate programs without running user interface.

We have simple CLI interface and script.

Expectedly, we faced problems with our runtime execution model, it is good for certain types of tasks despite it is slow. Also, complicated flow control requires cycles handling.

For example current for loop node implementation doesn't work well with any kind of delay stuff in it's body. Of course it can be solved by adding more logic to loop processing, but we don't know exactly how to make it efficient yet.

Road map

We will add new types of graphs (undirected graphs, trees) and algorithms to work with those structures.

Code generation is probably the future of PyFlow.

We are going to implement more building blocks. Functions - which unlike subgraphs will have single definition and multiple entry points across the program. Objects - very important concept of programming in general, object will have own methods, access levels and variables. Events and delegates - similar to ue4.

Application presets and api for writing own presets. Templates like in any IDE (shader, command line tool, software installer, etc.).

Documentation updates.

User interface improvements and new tools to enhance user experience.

We want to have most python standard library wrapped into a nodes!



  1. Clone or download repository.

  2. Install requirements for your use case.

    requirement lists can be found under PyFlow/requirements

  3. To run the program in standalone mode, run It can be found in the root folder of repository.

Or using pip

Latest development version. Contains latest features

pip install git+

Latest release version

pip install git+

After package is installed, you can invoke pyflow.exe on windows or pyflow on unix OS. Program is located inside PATH/TO/PYTHON/Scripts.

Features overview

And more..

Getting Started

We have documentation




We use a semantic versioning policy.


See also the list of contributors who participated in this project.


Join us to our discord channel and ask anything related to project!